About Julio Hong

Julio Hong was born in Havana in 1975, where he absorbed the rich dance traditions of Cuba since childhood. After completing the core dance curriculum in International dance, Latin American Folkloric Dance, and Popular Cuban dance, he earned a Diploma in Classical Ballet from the National School of Arts (ENA). In 1994, Julio Hong earned a Masters degree in Dramaturgy and Theatre from the Superior Institution of Art (ISA) in Cuba.

Since then Julio has been building a name for himself in dance. He was the principal dancer in the ballets of Cuban television; created five dance programs in international, folkloric and popular dance for the Allegro Resort Company; and danced for six years with Compagnie Marie Chouinard, followed by Rubberbandance Group. With a wealth of dance, choreographic and production experience, Julio is considered to be the foremost Latin dance choreographer in Montreal according to.... Julio was a choreographer during the entire run of the popular television show, Les Match des Étoiles. Julio is the Artistic Director for the: Gala Union des municipalités du Québec (UMQ), since 2011; Cuban Fiesta at Les weekends du Monde, since 2010; and Afro Cuban Association of Montreal, since 2005.

Julio has now transitioned to a new phase of his career. He combines a lifetime of formal dance training and experience to create his personal choreographic signature. Julio has developed an interest in how his choreographies are informed by his personal history and heritage. He wishes to expand that journey by making connections with Canadians of diverse backgrounds, philosophy and culture to see how the Arts can improve our well-being.

Artistic Statement

The artistic vision of Julio Hong is manifested through a journey of ordinary life experiences creating extra-ordinary movement. By amalgamating various dance forms from his personal repertoire, Julio is on a constant quest to refine and simplify his choreographies to result in works regarded as beautiful, creative and original. Ultimately Julio aspires to bring the Arts to a new level of communication, in order to reach a broader cross section of people.

The mission that drives Julio’s work is to promote exchange and acceptance of individual cultural heritage to create a stronger society. He strives to achieve this by creating opportunities for discourse through artistic models. By breaking down hierarchies that exist in certain arenas, he hopes that the population at large can participate in dialogue without fear of judgement based on artistic competency. In the spirit of mutual respect and understanding Julio hopes to create art that is accessible for anyone regardless of religion, race, gender, generation or status

Yemayo Abstract

An Orisha is a spiritual being. Yemaya is the most intelligent and mighty deities. She rules over the ocean and is the maternal force of life and creation. Yemayo is an exploration of the feminine side of man and the metrosexual taboos in our society.

The specific intention behind Yemayo is to explore and challenge the various aspects of maleness that permeate Hispano American culture through dance and music, religion, routine life, work, and the daily rituals we uphold. By projecting a male character into the female deity of Yemaya, there is unique opportunity to address opposing forces and desires through the various levels of consciousness.

Julio Hong

2005-2012 Artistic Director: Afro Cuban Association of Montreal
2010-2012 Artistic Consultant for UMQ Congress in Quebec
2010-2011 Head Choreographer: Cuban Festival of Montreal: Les Week-ends du monde, UMQ Gala, Je Suis Festival and other local events
2010-2011 Assistant Choreographer for television show So you think you can dance (Varsovie version)
2009-2010 Gala Evening Producer for Fondation du Centre jeunesse of Montréal, Jutras gala event, UMQ gala and other local events
2005-2009 Dancer /choreographer for television show le Match des étoiles
May 2012 Yemayo, (45 minutes, 4 dancers), MAI, Montreal
June 2011 Blanco Corage (3 minutes, 6 dancers), Theatre des Deux Rives, Haut Richelieu
June 2011 Claro Oscuro (9 minutes, 10 dancers), Theatre des Deux Rives, Haut Richelieu
May 2011 Tocadeo (90 minutes, 10 dancers), UMQ Congress in Quebec City
July 2011 Festival Cuba (60 minutes; 14 dancers), Les Weekends du Monde, Montreal
July 2011 Assistant choreographer: Les Enfants Terrible (4 minutes; 80 dancers) Pinkarnaval, Festival Just Pour Rire Montreal
April 2010 White Afro (3 minutes; 8 dancers), Salsa Convention Metropolis, Montreal
April 2007 Poblacion estudio #1(3:30 minutes, 14 dancers) Salsa Convention Metropolis, Montreal
April 2005 Acapella (4 minutes, solo) Salsa Convention Metropolis, Montreal
2005-2009 Les Match des Etoiles (TV), over 25 short choreographies with 25 actors, musicians and entertainers
2009-2011 Sherazade produced by Le Groupe Spectacles Gillett et les Productions Revel
2011 Rasulka produced by Opera de Montreal
2007-2009 Secret Service by Rubberbandance Group, choreographer Victor Quijada
2008 400th Anniversary of Quebec City produced by Radio Canada
2006/2007 Joe Dassin produced by Spectra
2005 Generation Motown produced by Le Capitole de Quebec
2009/2010 Gala Artis
2005 Gala Ladmii
2007/2009/2010 Jutras Awards ceremony
2009 Gala Norman Brathwaite produced by Festival Juste Pour Rire
2011 Le Gala Hommage à Denise Filiatrault
2010 Oh Boy produced by Casino de Montreal
1999-2005 Marie Chouinard Compagnie
2005: Body remix-Goldberg Variations
2003 : Chorale
2000 : Le Cri du Monde - 2000
1999: 24 Preludes by Chopin
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